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The BeFit workout programs are bespoke to you and your goals. They are designed to help you reach your fitness destination as quickly as possible.

The BeFit trainer will

  • Set realistic but challenging goals
  • Track your physical progress
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Change your body composition
  • Help you extra motivation and confidence.

Your first positive step to a new you starts with a consultation with a BeFit workout specialist. We sit with you and make an assessment of your health and current abilities. We then discuss what you’re health & fitness aspirations are culminating in a bespoke workout plan tailored around you.


We devise a 4 week workout plan for you. A plan that you will enjoy doing but a plan that will push you and test you. We will get those natural endorphins flowing.


Supplements will help you get where you want to go to faster. Our BeFit specialists will work out for you the correct supplements that you need and their correct dosage. Sustainable progress is our focus with supplements. We won’t just get you there, we will keep you there.


Online Coaching is our way of keeping in constant contact with you. Evolving, adapting and enhancing your plan to give you the maximum benefit and to reach levels you never thought before were possible.


remote training

  • Be Fit
    £75/ Monthly
    • Consultation
    • Work Out Plan
    • Supplement Plan
  • Be Fit Pro
    £95/ Monthly
    • Consultation
    • Work Out Plan
    • Supplement plan
    • Online Coaching
  • Be Fit Elite
    £145/ Monthly
    • Consultation
    • Work Out Plan
    • Supplement Plan
    • Online Coaching
    • 2 Hours One2One Gym Coach


online coaching

A Be Fit first is our new online coaching program. An extension of our workout plan. A BeFit specialist by your side throughout your entire fitness journey.


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Essential Protein


Real change
is not easy.
Doubt, Try, Fail,
but Never Give Up.

Let’s do this. Let’s BeFit. Contact us today.

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