Superior14 Quattro Protein


Superior 14 Quattro Protein contains Glutamine which is the most abundant free amino acid in muscle cells. It is in a stable Peptid structure, which provides a faster uptake. Taken after workouts it helps to refill the empty amino acids storages, and as a result, increases the speed of regeneration.



61% protein containing instant powder, especially for athletes, with sugar and sweetener

Superior 14 Quattro Protein made for you to reach your sport or fitness goals as soon as possible.

The product contains all amino acids that your muscles need to gain and maintain.
The rapid absorbing Whey Protein and the whole Milk Protein with Casein in it provide you a complex protein fuel for a long time and also a creamy taste.
Glutamine peptides provide the muscles with this non-essential amino acid in a complex form.
At the top of these Superior 14 Quattro Protein is in 5 delicious flavour combination.


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