MUSCLE LABS WHEY PRO 100 – Pure, hydrolyzed, high protein Whey protein Peptides isolate, addition of L-arginine hydrochloride,L-Glutamin, Essential Amino Acids, without lactose or gluten.



Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is a pre-digested and partially hydrolysed powder protein. During hydrolysis, specific enzymes are used to break down the protein chains into smaller peptides, resulting in faster digestion and absorption of the formula. Highly hydrolyzed proteins are even less allergenic than other proteins and are therefore often used in protein supplements and dietary formulations produced for medical purposes.

Lactose, also known as “milk sugar”, is a carbohydrate complex, accounting for about 2-8 percent of the dry milk content. We mainly need lactose in infancy and therefore it is not unusual in the adult life that the body does not produce enough of the lactase enzyme required to break down lactose, which causes lactose intolerance. Today, nearly 75% of the world’s population suffers from lactose intolerance. During the production process, lactose is separated from whey by multi-stage ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Thus, an extremely pure, easy to digest and easily soluble whey protein isolate is produced, which is a more purified version of concentrated whey protein and the essential component of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (WPH) which contains even fewer carbohydrates and fat.

Extremely high protein content: 78%
With addition of functional L-arginine hydrochloride
High amino acid content
Faster and easier absorption
Extremely low fat and carbohydrates
Low sodium content
No sugar added
Gluten free
Without lactose
Creamy texture


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